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Problogger launches paid membership forum

30 September 2009


I don’t read Darren Rowse’s Problogger so much any more, but I just got an email notification that he is launching a new blogging forum on the .com version of his website. I always wondered why Darren never launched a forum on his blogging website, as I was always sure that it would be successful, […]

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New SEO challenge

18 September 2009


I don’t usually pay a lot of attention to SEO. Of course I follow all of the basics and do whatever I can to build links, but I don’t go much beyond that. I like setting new challenges, so I thought I would run a little experiment to see if I can get a new […]

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Sunday article marketing update

6 September 2009


I have been pretty busy this week writing articles, mostly for Infobarrel. I am up to a total of 27 articles, which I think is a pretty good effort since one day I didn’t feel so well and I had some trouble with the internet here on one day. Hubpages is going slower. I don’t […]

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September goal update and new site launch

1 September 2009


It’s the first of September, so I just wanted to take stock of what I have left to do for the rest of the month. My goal is to have 50 Infobarrel articles written of at least 450 words in length by the end of September. I have already done 19, so that leaves 31. […]

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