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Being a ‘yes man’

26 February 2009


I watched the movie “Yes Man” last night which stars Jim Carrey. It wasn’t a great movie and perhaps a little corny, but I think the idea in the movie is not a bad one. Most people develop routines in their lives, which is a good way sometime to lead a stable life. What it […]

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Tips for an early retirement

25 February 2009


The has posted five things to avoid if you would like to retire early. Their tips are so you can retire at 50 years of age. So, if you are in your 30’s or 40’s, 50 can still be a long way away. I much prefer mini-retirements as advocated by Tim Ferris author of […]

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Renting is cheap in Indonesia

20 February 2009


I am planning to stop traveling for a little while. I have been going since September this year, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. I am planning to stay in Medan in Sumatra for a while and spend some time working on my sites. There aren’t really any apartments here, so you have the option […]

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My new home, maybe

16 February 2009

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I just came back from spending about a month in the Philippines. I had some good friends from the Philippines while I was living in China last year, until the government kicked most of them out right before the Beijing Olympics. I had a lot of expectations of the country and was even thinking of […]

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