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A very inspiring podcast

26 July 2008


Yaro Starak has recorded a very interesting and inspiring podcast with Alborz Fallah who started the website Caradvice is ranked in the top car websites in Australia, just behind sites that are run by big media companies like NewsCorp. Alborz created a blog on a topic he loves and is passionate about and has […]

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My first media interview

24 July 2008


A Brazilian journalist contacted me this morning about my Beijing Olympic site. I answered a few questions by email and he followed up with a phone call. It’s exciting to finally have people interested in the site and getting different emails from people. It was a pretty long wait, but I am starting to feel […]

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Finally some love from the big G

17 July 2008


It has only taken three years, but I am finally getting some love from Google with my Beijing Olympic site. Perhaps it is too early to mention this, but I couldn’t help writing about it. Search engine traffic has jumped from 10 to over 70 per cent overnight. It’s weird because I have ranked well […]

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Success in small steps

2 July 2008


I have been battling away now on my Beijing blog for nearly a year now and it is just over a month until the the games start in August. The Wall Street Journal linked to the blog today and Problogger published an article I wrote on Facebook. Traffic from Google still isn’t great, but I […]

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