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How do you define “wealthy”?

19 June 2008


A comment on my post asking for guest posters got me thinking, someone called “Rich” said to get someone who is actually wealthy. So, how do you actually define “wealthy”? Most people would probably say having a lot money means you are rich or wealthy. I made more money when I was working a 9-5 […]

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My China visa woes

15 June 2008


I have been in China for a few months now and since I last posted about getting a visa to stay here for the Olympics, I still haven’t gotten it yet. Worst still the agent has my passport and my previous visa has long expired. The Chinese government is getting very strict now as to […]

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Shoemoney quits webmasterradio

11 June 2008


Just after I wrote about how much I enjoyed listening to Shoemoney on he quits. I can understand though, as I am sure a lot of work goes into preparing for the show, getting guests and writing a recap every week. I have been pretty diligent lately working out everyday and one thing that […]

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My blog hacked

8 June 2008


Thanks to Mid life travel and Work on a boat for email me about this site, I found that it had been hacked. The hack is very sneaky as no matter what I did I could not see the re-direct. Do a search in Google on wordpress and and you will see that this […]

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Shoemoney and his Fighters website

6 June 2008


The Shoemoney show on is currently one of my favorite podcasts. Shoemoney is doing live shows regularly and just by his nature you can pick up some great tidbits of information from his interviews and him just ranting. He has been talking a great deal about his latest project Shoemoney could make plenty […]

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30 day challenge preseason starts

3 June 2008


I did the 30 day challenge last year and the pre-season is just starting up again now. I learnt a lot about online marketing and has really helped me with my websites. If you are an experienced marketer looking for something new or totally new to internet marketing, I strongly suggest you take part. It […]

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