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Make money through dating sites

30 April 2008


Even though there are some good free dating sites now available, there is still money to be made in dating. I am making over $2000 a year through a partnership I have on my Tokyo website, without spending any time dealing with the site or any money marketing it. My Tokyo site is a travel […]

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Fun and games in China

27 April 2008


I was surprised last year when I came to China how easy it had become to rent an apartment and live in the country (aside from the crowds and the pollution). With the run up to the Olympics, China has become more like it was ten years ago – controlling the movement of people in […]

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Don’t expect too much here for a while

13 April 2008


I am spending more and more time on my Beijing Olympics blog, I just haven’t had the time to put into this site for now. I am also trying keep an offline diary of the different things I have been doing to promote the site. I am going to release the diary as an ebook. […]

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No feedburner in China

2 April 2008


If you are wondering why you get traffic from China but don’t have any RSS readers and you use feedburner for your feed, well the reason is that feedburner is generally blocked in China by the great Chinese firewall. Most blogs hosted on their own domain are fine, Google Reader and Bloglines work fine too. […]

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