Month: February 2008

Aussie startup carnival

VS Consulting Group is running a carnival of startups in Australia. I think the internet offers a huge opportunity for Australians to start a web based business. We speak the same language (of sorts) as the biggest internet user...

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One website or many

I am sometimes envious of people who have just one big website which they focus on. I can see the advantages of having just one thing to concentrate on. The problem I have is that I am always thinking of new ideas and always...

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The nicest cup of tea I have ever had

I am in Thailand now and this weekend some elections are being held. I took a quick look at the online edition of the Bangkok Post and couldn’t find anything about it. And why would this bother a foreigner holidaying in...

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The coolest internet cafe I have seen

I had a look around the Paragon shopping center today in Bangkok and came across True Urbanpark. The design is pretty impressive. It is an internet cafe, coffee shop and they sell computers, gadgets and mobile phones. It is the...

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Always read the fine print

I am back in Bangkok now and I spent my first day locating the Canon service center. I bought a new Digital Canon SLR just before I left and I just now discovered a small problem with it. When I was in the store in Australia,...

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