Month: November 2007 goes for $200,000

The domain was recently sold for $200,000. Moniker had a sale of city and country domains. By owning a city or country dot com, you are eligible to join Associated Cities. An organization that actively promotes...

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Change of government in Australia

There will be a change of government in Australia after Labor’s big election win over the weekend. It is probably one of the few times in Australia’s history where a government has lost an election while the economy...

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Status update

I haven’t written here for a while. I have been putting most of my effort into my Beijing site lately. If you look at the site, it might not seem that way, but I still spend to seem a lot of time reading stuff on the web,...

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Fake Steve Jobs blog video

I started watching this video after seeing it on Problogger. It is funny to watch, but aside from the humor it is a good example of how traditional and new media are converging.

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