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Mail from an old recruiter

6 July 2007


How tempting is this? – NOT! I hope you’re doing well. I’d like to introduce you to a great opportunity that I am working on right now exclusively with xxxx. I work very closely with the Trade Floor Support team that covers Equities and Fixed Income support for all the traders in xxxx. The team […]

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Two kinds of people

5 July 2007


I was listening to Shoemoney’s podcast last night (I don’t have a tv at the moment where I am staying) and he mentioned how there are two kinds of people – people who seek freedom and people who want security. He wrote a new post on his blog today about it. I have never heard […]

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The Battle for

4 July 2007

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I listened to Monte Cahn interview Kieren McCarthy last night. Kieren is a UK based freelance writer focusing on the domain industry. He wrote a book simply titled “”. As titillating as it sounds, the book is about how the original owner of lost the domain and spent the next 10 plus years trying […]

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Giving just a little bit back

2 July 2007


I went on a tour here in Laos last week and became friends with the owner of the tour company. I have had dinner with him, his wife and some of his other friends a couple of times this week. When he asked me what I do I said, I create websites. His company didn’t […]

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