Month: August 2005

Blogging for money

I had an email from someone asking about how to go about blogging for profit. I wish I knew the answer to this question! Firstly I would take a look at and the different sites the author has created. It’s...

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Holiday in Bali

If anyone has been wondering why there haven’t been any new posts is that I am currently on holidays in Bali. It is soooo relaxing and enjoying every moment – beautiful weather, beach and food. I am staying in a...

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Google Check

I got my Google cheque tonight for June. I was starting to get worried, but it reached my fine. They are always 1 month behind for each end of the month. I am starting to think that this is more profitable than real estate....

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Google Earnings

I was thinking of posting my Google earnings each month. For July I have earnt: $557. For June I earnt: $375 It is a nice increase. Of course I have been working on the site more, and studying the best positions for placing ads...

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