Month: August 2005

August earnings

August has suprisingly been a good month for me. I have earnt over $300 with one particular affiliate and there is still 2 more days to go for another sale. I am in line with my Adsense forecast – which I am happy about....

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Content Content Content

One the best ways to get traffic to your site, retain visitors and earn money from programs like Adsense is – content. Most webmasters make a target of creating at least one page of content a day. Depending on how much you...

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Travel Agency

Sorry if it sounded like I was complaining, where I said that people were inundating me with questions by email as though I am a travel agency. The fact that people think that my site is like a travel agency is probably a good...

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Blog Outsourcing to China?

I came across this site this morning, and had a good laugh. To quote from the first post on the site, “The beginning of this blog marks the beginning of a business venture that lies on what I believe to be shaky moral...

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Adding a forum

I have been getting a lot emails lately from my website. I have decided to raise the priority of adding a forum to the site, so hopefully other people can help answer questions. I am thinking of using phpbb....

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