I have been following the 15K Challenge from when it just started a month ago. It seems like he just missed his target of 15K, although he came pretty close.

I like that he chose a non-Internet marketing niche: craft. If you really want to make some quick easy money, you could do it pretty easily I believe by selling a book on how to make money. Although, I really don’t believe it is a good way to build a long term business.

Today he has an interesting article on how a friend of his is building an online business. The niche is non-Internet marketing related. His doesn’t say exactly what the niche is, but I think it is craft/hobby related.

Craft/hobby niches are probably under-developed as most people getting into this business concentrate on making money/computer/gadget types of sites. My mum and sisters are both into scrap booking, something I would never think of starting to create a site on. I would like to help them set up a site, if they were willing to work on the content.

I have tried these types of partnerships before with little success. It can be difficult to persuade people, that there is money in this. Also, starting a site from scratch can take a couple of years before you really start to get established. Anyway, I still think it is something worth pursuing.