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Written by Mike

Topics: Adsense

Found a good post on CyberWyre listing top paying keywords. It looks as though “mesothelioma” is still doing very well. Before you go out and start making a new website around these topics, remember that these are also the most competitive keywords on the internet.

Even if someone clicks on a top paying keyword ad, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will get this much per click. There are other factors which Google seems to take into account.

$54.33 mesothelioma lawyers
$47.79 what is mesothelioma
$47.72 peritoneal mesothelioma
$47.25 consolidate loans
$47.16 refinancing mortgage
$45.55 tax attorney
$41.22 mesothelioma
$38.86 car accident lawyer
$38.68 ameriquest mortgage
$38.03 mortgage refinance
$37.55 refinancing
$35.99 auto accident attorney
$35.52 equity mortgage
$34.34 mesothelioma texas
$34.05 mortgages
$33.80 criminal defense attorney
$33.54 epocrates
$32.95 mesothelioma
$32.08 car accident attorney
$31.60 mortgage refinance

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  1. Stu says:

    Man are these guys opening themselves up to lose a fortune in click-fraud! Couple of clicks and they’re out a few hundred bucks! Wow!

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