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Problogger launches paid membership forum

Written by Mike

Topics: News

I don’t read Darren Rowse’s Problogger so much any more, but I just got an email notification that he is launching a new blogging forum on the .com version of his website.

I always wondered why Darren never launched a forum on his blogging website, as I was always sure that it would be successful, because of the popularity of his blog. Most of his posts get a lot of comments, which is a good way to see if a website can support a forum.

I joined the forum, but didn’t pay the fee (sorry Darren!) The introductory fee is $1.97 a month, so I can imagine this will likely rise when the forum is more publicly announced. I couldn’t see any of the posts, but there were around 170 people already on the forum.

I am sure he will get some criticism for charging people to join a forum, but I suppose that is a good way to keep spammers out. Personally I won’t be joining. Forums are good up to a certain extent for learning about making money online, but you can spend too much time on them, which has a negative effect on your ability to make money online.

I wonder if I could charge people for the forums I run? My feeling is that many people would just try to find another forum that they can use for free. I can imagine the forums will make a lot of money for Darren.

Perhaps he took Brian Clarke’s teaching sells course? I can see the email now when the next edition of Teaching Sells comes out, “Darren Rowse makes $1,000,000 from membership site launch”.

Do you plan on joining the forum?

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  1. Thanks for the link Mike! I’m not impressed with his comment figures he claims 12k RSS readers but generally gets less than 50 comments. I have around 220 readers on my main blog and get similar figures generally and a great deal more from time-to-time. Though some of those comments – I notice Darren doesn’t respond very often – I assume he’ll just hire a moderator for the forums!

  2. Mike says:

    I think that people like Darren combine their RSS reader numbers with their Aweber subscriber numbers. Maybe I am wrong, but I think I read about it somewhere.

    If you go through the posts on Darren’s blog, you do get the feeling that most people are just trying to promote their own site.

  3. Frank says:

    To bad he is charging money. I don’t agree that it wil spammers out, but I wil not join, because it takes to much time.

  4. David says:

    Joining paid forum is really pain. I doubt how much success it will get. btw, I noticed http://probloggerforum.net, a free version 🙂

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