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I was thinking more about this site today and how successful it has become. In the podcast I listened to yesterday, the interviewer said how good the domain is. I don’t it is particularly great, but it is catchy and memorable.

Many people have said that the site is successful because of the poor design. I agree that it looks more like the work of a programmer than a graphic artist, but it is functional and shows that a great design doesn’t necessarily mean success.

One thing which I don’t believe anyone mentioned in the comments at Problogger was that the site is entirely free! I am an affiliate of a couple of dating sites and they bring in some very nice commissions, so people do use them and pay money for them. If a free, popular site is available, why would you go to a paying site?

Most of these kinds of sites start out free and once they have built up a membership base they start charging money. The owner of the site lauged at the interviewer when he said would he consider selling for $20 million. I would also agree it is probably worth a great deal more.

A big Internet company could easily buy the site and make it so people had to start paying for memberships. They could still make it free, but they could start charging for different levels of service.

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  1. Very envious 😉 I’d settle for $10,000 a month…

  2. 1Offs says:

    To put into perspective, Jason Calacanis sold Weblogs Inc to AOL for $25 million when the network had approximately $2 million annual advertising revenue. But that was with 100+ employees under the payroll too!

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