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I thank the people for posting comments on my last entry. I must admit, I have no idea if this is the right or wrong way to go.

People often post messages on as to whether they should concentrate on one big site or a bunch of mini-sites. My advice is “diversification”. Small sites, big sites, blogs, forums, classifieds, free information, paid information and so on.

I tend to make a site from an idea I have and just go with it. Market research is definitely a good idea and could produce much better results, but I haven’t tried this much.

My strategies are a bit hit and miss, without much thought as to whether a new site will be successful or not. I put up a site, add some content, promote it a little, then sit back for a while to see if I get any good results.

I am usually happy just to get one affiliate sale. If I can get at least one sale, I know that there is definitely potential. I have found checking my sites stats fairly regularly, especially when I have some traffic to the site, so I can know exactly where people coming from and what they are interested in on the site.

This is a rough kind of way I am working. My personality doesn’t cater for working to deadlines or strict plans, but setting goals does definitely help.

Other than my time and the $10 it costs to register a domain, it is pretty much a risk free investment.

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  1. Fred says:

    hi mike, congrats to your site, really like it, very structured information.

    some questions (if you don’t mind):
    1. you say “put up a new site, 10$ investment, beside that it’s risk free). so i asume, hosting is done by wordpress, right?
    2. i just set up an account on wordpress, but there are only limited themes availible. how do i manage to put up a them like you have done (law-blog)?
    3. how is it done, to to have your own url together with a wordpress site?

    i know, lots of “newbie-questions”, but it would be great to get some advice here.
    thanks in advance. Fred

  2. Mike says:

    Fred, I think I will write a new post on this topic to help other people who might be interested.

  3. For your question of whether to make small niche sites, or big sites.. I think the answer is probably yes. I know people who are successful at both methods.

    When I launch a site, I usually spend more money. Hire someone to do a directory submission, sometimes hire someone to write 5 aditional articles to what I have written. Over the period of half a year, I have never had a site that did not at least earn back its initial investment.

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