Motivation and distractions

Written by Mike

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I am putting on the final touches to my Tokyo travel ebook. It is over 120 pages long of content, pictures and maps. Getting all of the information together, formatting it and so on has take quite a while. Now I just need to create a sales page and submit it to Clickbank.

I don’t know why but I am having trouble completing these final steps. On Friday I had a great idea for another idea for another ebook and started researching it. Ideas of how I could promote it, just kept coming while I was researching it and thinking about it later.

I know the answer to my problem, is to set clear goals and stick to them. I am just having a bit of trouble focusing right now. Perhaps it is just the warmer weather and the World Cup.

Working and managing everything myself, is definitely the way to go for me, but sometimes I would like to talk to someone about what I am doing. Unfortunately I just don’t have the people around me who are interested in making websites and I am sure I drive my gf nuts from talking about affiliate marketing, ebooks and PPC.

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  1. Peter says:

    Hi Mike. I know exactly how you feel. I’m from Australia also, and none of my friends are interested in affiliate marketing, ebooks, and seo either lol.

    My brother has been using PPC to advertise affiliate programs for a while now, and has recently moved into Adsense (what I’m doing). So I guess that’s good because we motivate each other and are always checking up on what the other is doing.

    I can’t remember how I stumbled onto your blog, but I’m glad I did. I’ve only been doing this for less than a year, so reading about your projects is quite inspirational. 🙂


  2. Mike says:


    Thanks for your kind words. I have been with Adsense for over a year now, and doing ok from it.

    Affiliate stuff is also going along nicely for me. I am currently working on several ebooks and have just started a PPC campaign for my latest one. I haven’t seen much action yet, but keep trying to find and add relevant keywords.

    I have created one for Tokyo and is nearly complete, but haven’t put up the landing page yet. I will probably submit it to CB.

    I am a little addicted to it all, but love it much more than my regular job. Think “Office Space”.

  3. Peter says:

    hehe oh man. I’m in the same boat. I’m at university at the moment studying to be an accountant (choke). I wish I could create a steady and stable income enough for me live off it in the future. I guess we’ll see.

    Meanwhile, can I ask how old you are? And what motivated you to move to Japan?

  4. I find that part of the problem is that when you work in this type of business, there are so many different things that need to be done that finding the time to concentrate on a single one can be quite difficult. One of the best traits you can have is the ability to just keep plugging away at everything.

  5. Mike says:

    Pfadvice: Sorry, I think a couple of your comments hit the spam filter. They should be ok now.

    I find setting tasks of things to do and crossing them off as you go, is a good way to get things done. It also makes you feel like you have accomplished something.

    I think that is the Australian-side of me – just keep plugging away. Unless your site is incredibly unique and popular, it can take a couple of years to get established.

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