Losing pages in Google

Written by Mike

Topics: Websites

Currently this site has a total of 9 links in Google!


Perhaps I am getting hit because of the day trading and mortgage links I have on the site.

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  1. strange…I don’t think the ads would do it. I have a ton on my blog and it has 1200 pages for mine (I haven’t made near that many posts)…surprised with the main site which says 250,000 pages are indexed!

  2. Mike says:

    I think I could have got penalized for duplicate content when I moved over from blogspot. I removed all the links to the blog entries, but didn’t actually delete them. I have gone back since and deleted them all, but still seem to suffer.

    Maybe this theme is not optimized. Anyway not too concerned, but it would be nice to get more traffic from google. I have close to 350 posts now.

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