Goals and dreams for 2007

Written by Mike

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I thought that now would as good a time as ever to put something down for 2007, especially after reading this post via Problogger.

1. Take a few minutes to reflect on the previous year. What are you happy with?

I happy with my almost new found freedom. Other than my mortgages for my rental properties which are pretty well covered, I have no debt. I have a fairly good residual income from my websites, which I know that I can grow with additional work.

2. What are you unhappy with?

I have left my fitness suffer from working and going out too much.

3. What unexpected joys did you discover during the year?

At the start of this year, I was thinking of starting a bricks and mortar type business, but now I pretty much firmly believe in trying to keep the “virtual” aspect of my business. I don’t want to have a permanent office, or customers that need to meet in flash office. I realise now that it can be done now with just a computer and an internet connection.

4. What were some of the unexpected obstacles that came up, and how did you deal with them? Looking back, would you have done anything differently?

Nothing too unexpected really. I have definitely become more cynical as to what a corporate life can provide. I really don’t think I would have done anything too differently. I am fairly happy with the foundations I have created with my web business.

5. What expectations did you find you needed to let go of?

Try as you will, no matter how good your idea is, you need to get out and promote it. Whether you are spending time or money to get your idea off the ground, it doesn’t matter.

6. Looking ahead, how do you want to structure next year to support your writing?

This something I need to think about more in the coming weeks.

7. How does the rest of your life support your writing?

Not exactly sure what this means, but Adsense, advertising and affiliate programs will become my main source of income.

8. How can you change/compromise on the non-supportive elements?

Again, not to sure about this.

9. What new aspect of the writing life do you want to try next year?

The new aspect will be that I plan on travelling much of the year. It will be an interesting to try working on my websites while I am travelling. I am hoping that I will be able to produce a lot more content; including video, pictures and text.

I think it will be more interesting and engaging to read than just “check out this website” type of posts that I am doing now.

10. Where do you need to be more disciplined?

I am going to need to be more disciplined with my money and to concentrate on things that will actually make me money. Less time going out drinking and more time keeping fit.

11. Where do you need to ease up on yourself?

Creating too many new websites and just concentrating on what I currently have.

12. List your goals for the coming year.

– Create some kind of company structure
– Create a proper/formal book keeping system
– Review every website and domain I have think exactly how I want to pursue the site.

13. List three positive, active steps to take on each goal to get it going.

Too much to write just now, but meeting with an accountant is going to be my first priority.

14. List your dreams for the coming year.

– To create a fairly stable income source that will give me the ability to work from where I want.
– To spend some time doing something worthwhile for people other than myself.

15. List three positive, active steps to transform each dream into a goal.

Will get back to this.

16. List your resolutions for the coming year.

I think I will save this for January, but I think it will be to exercise everyday and to eat more healthy.

17. List three positive, active steps to help you stick to them.

I will be joining a gym as soon as I get back to Australia.

I have already quit my job, which was one of my main goals for this year. I have saved an amount of money that should cover any emergencies. My income from my websites is not a lot, but it is reasonable for the amount of time I spend working on them.

I love what I will be doing from now on, and disliked what I was doing before, so I don’t believe I will have too much trouble finding the motivation to work hard at improving my current situation.

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  1. Mike,

    I’ve been making my living online exclusively from affiliate programs and other online business and I’ve never looked back.

    You really are making the right decision. After experiencing what it’s like to have a successful online business (which it looks like you already have the beginnings of), there is simply no way to even imagine the world of being tied down to a job, an “office”, and a physical location.

    Working on the Internet totally opens up your life to so many things, not the least of which is that you can live and work anyhwere in the world.

    I have lived in multiple parts of Asia and North America in the last five years, and although we are finally settling down in Texas, I really have the Internet to thank for allowing me to see so much of the world at a young age.


  2. Mike says:

    Congratulations on your success! I have added your blog to my reader. Looking forward to reading your advice. Reading success stories like yourself only gives me more confidence and encouragement.

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