First eBook with Clickbank

Written by Mike

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I have uploaded my first eBook to Clickbank. There is a one-off charge of $50 to add a product, so I will need to sell at least two books to get in the black with this new venture.

You can check out my fairly crappy sales page I made last week here. It still needs a bit of work which I will revisit at a later time.

You can sell it on your site if anyone is interested. Sign up here.

I just counted all of my link sales with Linkworth and I am now up to $480 a month!

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  1. Congrats on getting the ebook completed…keep us up to date on how it sells. Also great news on the linkworth ads!

  2. Duncan says:

    Don’t be down on yourself, it’s a great first start and interesting topic area.

  3. Mike says:

    Pfadvice: You can be sure I will keep you updated! No sales yet, but like anything it takes time.

    Duncan: Thanks for the comment. I think I have a bad habit of forgetting the successes I have had and always focusing on the new stuff I am doing, which as we all know in this game, requires a lot of patience.

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