A slightly changed rhythm

Written by Mike

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I love travelling, but it is amazing how comfortable it is settling into the one place for a while. That is kind of how I feel now. I have been in Koh Chang for around two weeks now. I have found a place with pretty fast and reliable free wi-fi (and air conditioning), so I have been able to get a bit of work done on my websites. I just wrote a review which I get $30 bucks for – which is around 4 nights accommodation where I am currently staying at.

It is a good place to come to during the middle part of the day when it is hottest. Most Thais are smart and avoid the sun around this time, or even have a little kip. I think that Thai people are masters of polyphasic sleep without even knowing it. I must admit having an afternoon nap, makes you so refreshed. By around 4 p.m. it is much cooler and the perfect time to go for a swim and a walk before taking up a spot on the sand to watch the sunset.

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  1. Rob says:

    Hey Mike,
    How’s it going? Interesting you mentioned polyphasic sleep. I only discovered that exact same article you linked to a few weeks ago myself. Very interesting. It looks like our quests are more similar than I first thought.

    I’ll be in Thailand in 3 days time, so I might try some polyphasic sleep myself!

  2. Mike says:

    Everything is going great! It’s weird, it can sometimes be difficult to sleep at night because of the heat, but you can just doze off during the day.

  3. Jeff says:

    Hi Mike,

    I added your blog to my RSS because I thought you might have something interesting to say on financial matters.

    But your blog really has nothing to do with retiring “young and wealthy” does it? Just another boring personal blog. *click* *click* *delete*

  4. Mike says:

    Jeff, thanks for the feedback. I read a lot of personal finance blogs and they generally have information which only deals with the US: credit reports, US stocks and getting out of debt. I am from Australia which have pretty different laws with regards to finance.

    I have been fortunate that I have never been in serious debt and now make enough money from my investments.

    My financial advice is simple, so I don’t have too much to write about actual “investments”. Pay off debt, save, invest.

    I started this blog with the goal of being able to retire young and wealthy, which I have been able to do.

    If there is anything, people would like me to write about, I would be happy to create a post on it.

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