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28 Day 28 Site Challenge

Written by Mike

Topics: Websites

Since I am leaving the security of a nice house to stay in from March, I thought I would focus all of my efforts getting as many websites online before I leave. I think it will be easier to spend time just maintaining what I have than creating anything new while I am away.

I have a heap of domains just sitting there, so I thought I would set a challenge to get 28 new sites up and running over the 28 days in February. Of course these won’t be fully complete sites, and some might just be a single page, but the fact is I need to get them all going. So I have decided to create the “28 sites in 28 days” challenge.

I have to admit that I have started to work on a couple, but there is nothing like setting an extreme goal to get my arse into gear. I will be going through my list of domains tomorrow and selecting the 28 sites to work on. I will also be also providing a link here for every site each day, except for maybe a couple that I have ideas to sell some products with an Adwords campaign.

It will also be an interesting experiment to review the sites in six months time and see if they are making any significant amount of income.

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  1. Tyler Weaver says:

    I will take you up on that challenge as well. Though I have a full time job, the sites will probably be made more on the weekend. It sounds like a decent way to get a lot moving at once though.

  2. Mike says:

    Tyler, thanks for joining the challenge. I hope we will be able to help encourage each other.

  3. Nick says:

    Nice challenge, I don’t think you can do it. 😉
    I’m having a hard time getting a network of 5 blogs launched myself…inspiring

    Also, does your blog not have an rss feed? Cause I can’t find it??

  4. Dan says:

    Mike good luck with this. I for one will be coming back to check on you progress.

  5. kwandom says:

    Good Luck! I’ll be checking back on your progress as well.

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